Whatsapp smiley spiele

    whatsapp smiley spiele

    Apr. Das WhatsApp-Spiel "Such dir eine Zahl aus von aus" ist ein beliebter WhatsApp Spiele sind weit verbreitet und ein echter Langeweile-Killer. . WhatsApp-Spiel "Such dir einen Smiley aus": Regeln und Lösungen. Apr. "Such dir einen Smiley aus und sende ihn mir zurück!" Mit dieser Aufforderung beginnt bei WhatsApp ein Spiel, das stark an den. Apr. "Such dir einen Smiley aus und sende ihn mir zurück!" Mit dieser Aufforderung beginnt bei WhatsApp ein Spiel, das stark an den.

    Whatsapp Smiley Spiele Video

    Whatsapp EMOJIE Challenge mit Yoshi von"In aller Munde"

    Aaj gifts day hai? In mein se koi bhi gift choose karo aur mujhe send karo. Dekhte hai aap mujhe kya dete hain.

    Sb ko send kro or dekho kon kya deta h. Dekhte hain aapne mujhe kya diya!!! Today is whatsapp chocolate day Send this to all your Contacts all contacts..

    Silk — i miss u? Perk — u are good person? Munch — i like your attitude? Gems — ur cute? Dairy milk — i love u. Bournville — ur a sweet? Nutties — ur naughty?

    Fruit n nut — best person? Represents irony, coolness or playfulness. Somebody could be up to something.

    Used as an offensive look for flirting or sexual innuendo. Is not enthusiastic about a thing and shows that. Expression of disinterest and disapproval.

    Smiley is very sad and frustrated and gives a disappointed impression. Represents sorrow, remorse and regret.

    Emoji looks downwards and needs time to think. Represents melancholy, general dissatisfaction and frustration.

    Feels anxious, insecure and uncomfortable. Is uncertain or disappointed, had imagined this in a different way. Emoji seems unhappy and disgruntled.

    Dissatisfied with the weather, small mistakes or the behavior of a person. After a hard day, ready to throw in the towel.

    However, has to endure the situation and will have worked it through some day. Smiley is extremely dismayed and bewildered.

    That's almost the final straw! Because of too little sleep, because of what is going on around you, from a person or situation. Is very exhausted and broken.

    Now needs peace first. Reluctant smiley with raised eyebrows and mouth downturned, moaning about grueling, unpleasant but inevitable things.

    Is weepy, upset and completely exhausted, mentally or physically. A tear drop is running down the cheek. A picture of misery.

    Not so much general sadness, but rather pain over one thing. It still hurts to remember a certain event. Tears are pouring out of the eyes like a waterfall.

    Represents injury, pain or defeat. Is also used ironically or something is so funny that you die of laughter.

    Is snorting contemptuously as a sign of superiority. Is proud and triumphing over someone else. Reaction to something unfavorable or a sign of rejection.

    You had better keep out of the person's way. Beware, danger of explosion! Is annoyed and already sulking with a deep-red face.

    The serious-looking smiley is really upset and keeps using four-letter words. Represents a sudden outburst of fury or frustration.

    The exploding head can also be used to express shock or awe. Expresses shame; something is very embarrassing. Reacts to a compliment or a flattering message that the person did not want to receive.

    Is scared stiff, feeling nothing but fear and panic. The creepy emoji can also be used ironically or as a symbol for Halloween.

    Seems to be deeply shocked and surprised by an ominous event or intense experience. Cold sweat is dripping from the forehead and the mouth is open, dumbfounded.

    Sweating due to physical or mental stress. Has experienced a stressful situation with an unpleasant outcome, for example, a test.

    Has gotten out of a difficult or delicate situation, but not without bumps and bruises. Things went different than they should have.

    The school is stressing or there is still so much to do in the office. You are tired, but still have so much work to do.

    Wants to hug you. It's an open and cordial gesture and an expression of warmth and friendliness. Thoughtful face with the characteristic hand on the chin.

    Puts a statement, a person's intelligence, or an idea into question. Is mulling over something or thinking about a brilliant idea.

    Typical gesture, which shows that the other person is not telling the truth. Thinks he's being lied to. Or someone is confiding a secret that should not be retold.

    Nicely telling your counterpart to shut up. Symbol of a falsehood, boast, or an unlikely story. Is speechless, has no words.

    Someone does not want to or cannot say anything about a specific topic. Used in difficult, embarrassing or bad conversations. Imagine what it would say if it had a mouth!

    Expressionless face with a neutral look. Unimpressed, awkward or indifferent. Tired, annoyed, emotionless, no patience, the end of the flagpole is reached.

    The right words are missing to continue a conversation. Expression of nervousness, awkwardness or embarrassment. Scared and guilty smile: Someone has done something stupid and tries to resolve the tense situation by grimacing.

    Finds the current situation or a person boring or annoying. Will disregard the message. The unpleasantly surprised face is lost for words due to a shocking affair.

    In response to bad behavior or a rude message. Nothing can be added to what has just been said. Expresses horror as well as fear, worry and mistrust.

    In response to a negative surprise. Got caught red-handed and just feels totally taken by surprise. Face with raised eyebrows, open eyes and open mouth.

    A mixture of shock and disappointment. Represents fear, frustration, horror and unexpected, negative surprises.

    Perplexed smiley is looking completely puzzled. Is positively or negatively surprised: Astonished face with wide open mouth and eyes: Can hardly believe what just happened!

    In comics or cartoons, zZz above the head stands for sleeping characters. The emoji is tired, wants to go to bed or is just about to fall asleep from boredom.

    Represents desire for a person, delicious food, the new car, or the anticipation of an event. Expression of extreme interest and desire. The bubble emerging from the nose is a typical manga symbol for a sleeping character.

    Or as an expression that a conversation or excursion is extremely boring and drowsy. Smiley with crossed eyes and open mouth is totally dazed.

    Is confused and so dizzy it doesn't know which side is up. Also symbolizes strong emotions or drunkenness. Lips are closed or chat partner's lips should remain closed.

    Can also mean silence because you cannot find the right words. Might mean disgust, reluctance, or aversion, or stand for sickness.

    Might show how drunk the person was last night. The puking smiley can also state what you think of something. I caught a cold! Shows that someone is ill or feels uncomfortable.

    Either to protect yourself or others from infection. Someone is in the hospital, has to go to the doctor or has caught a disease. Wearing the masks is widely spread in Asia.

    Caught a flu or other illness that is associated with fever. Or is worried about getting sick. Someone is ill, had an accident, or is in hospital.

    The bandage symbolizes health problems. Could have won something or is sensing a financial chance. Implicates a sense of wealth. Typical American smiley with cowboy hat from the Wild West.

    Stands for freedom, nature, and hard work. Wants to cause trouble, is a real teaser or planning something ugly just now.

    You should be particularly careful. Represents mischievous acts or remarks as well as treachery. An ugly figure with horns, chasing evil souls.

    Traditional disguise on New Year's Eve to ward off evil spirits. Has supernatural powers and brings forth disaster.

    The red mask has eyebrows and a beard and a noticeably long nose. Made-up clown face from the circus world. The comic version of a pile of feces.

    Can describe a situation, replace the swear word, or criticize a statement of the chat partner. Symbol for Halloween or jokingly for creepy things, e.

    The skull emoji is used in unpleasant situations or to symbolize terrible things. Can stand for a real threat, but can also be used sarcastically or humorously.

    The death's head with crossed bones is a symbol of death. A warning sign for toxic substances and hazards. Symbol for an extraterrestrial being.

    However, smiles friendly and comes in peace. It's like being remotely controlled and working like a robot. Can also be used for deadhearted people or refer to artificial intelligence and sci-fi movies.

    Means fun and smirking, mostly used by cat lovers. The cattiness might stand for femininity. The eyes are smiling, it's grinning broadly and very satisfied.

    The chat partner can have fun with this cat. Is enthusiastic and helpless with laughter. Something is extremely funny or silly.

    You are relieved and have tears of joy in your eyes. Is very much in love or very grateful for a friendly service. Likes something very much and expresses admiration that way.

    It mocks you, is sarcastic or having fun at your expense. Might fancy a flirt. However, you had better be cautious. Its lips are pointed and it wants to kiss you.

    Cats have a reputation for being very choosy and tend to show affection rather reluctantly. It has got hollow, white eyes and is holding its paws next to the mouth.

    Needs a break right now. Reaction to something scandalous or shocking. A tear is running down the cheek. Just received bad news.

    The corners of the mouth and the whiskers are pointing downwards. Is in a bad mood, frustrated, and has turned away angrily. Known as the Grumpy Cat, a grumpy-looking cat that became an Internet phenomenon.

    Represents affection and openness. Could also stand for a hug. Hands are stretched upwards to celebrate.

    Is having a party, dancing wildly and friskily. Is in a good mood or having a lot of fun. Emoji shows two clapping hands. Is mostly used for expressing consent and appreciation.

    Hand with thumb turned up. Stands for commitment, agreement and approval! In Arab countries, this is interpreted as showing the two fingers. Thumb turned down stands for rejection, disapproval and dislike.

    Also known as the false death myth meaning with Roman gladiators. Welcome between friends or gesture of agreement.

    Can also be interpreted as a threatening punch. The raised fist implies power and strength. Stands for something you believe in.

    Casual form of greeting. The hand gesture is used to greet friends as a sign of respect as well as approval or congratulation. Children usually use this gesture to annihilate a promise or oath.

    Symbol of peace, which became known in the 60s by the hippies. In Great Britain, can be seen in an insulting way as a woman with spread-out legs.

    The ILY sign mainly conveys a general, positive message. Little finger and forefinger are forming horns. They were sent in the message exactly as i describe.

    Hi Justin, there is no hidden message in this emoji. The emoji that you described just depicts Autumn leaves or Autumn season. This is anchor emoji.

    Anchor is a device to hold a ship at its current location. This emoji looks like two fish but actually these are two wind socks.

    What does the symbol TM stand for in WhatsApp? For example in this sentence some one put this as a status: Dear What is the meaning of this WhatsApp symbol and when to use this sign in whatsapp?

    Hello Fatima, this symbol is called Raised Fist or Clenched Fist and it is used for showing support or solidarity with someone or a with cause.

    Actually, there is no Chinese among them. Could be several but almost unique Asian style icons are definitely Japanese. But if you see the atmosphere of all of them, they are Japanese taste design —and not Chinese at all.

    Thank you for the comment, Nihonjin! Thanks for your comment and information! Vijay, you are right that two fish on top of each other are also shown as a symbol of Pisces.

    The meaning of WhatsApp symbols that I have given above, is correct. It seems it exists in other languages as well: Lalit Kumar,thanks for sharing valuable information often.

    Thanks for letting us know the real meaning of these icons. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

    Notify me of new posts by email. Learn meanings of WhatsApp smileys, symbols, emojis and emoticons. Some of these icons look weird to many users as they are symbols from Chinese and Japanese cultures.

    Learn cool WhatsApp Tricks Later small picture icons came in trend. The sun sign symbols are: Zodiac Symbols sun signs in WhatsApp.

    Chinese and Japanese symbols in WhatsApp. WhatsApp Smiley Faces and their meanings. What is the meaning of nerd emoji?

    Big glasses on face with two teeth out? I never know the true meanings of these emoji! A little heart coming out of the mouth of a smiley.

    It is the emoji for flying kiss. What is the meaning of emoji smiley with mouth zip? Can anyone please help me with the count of Emojis on WhatsApp for 1.

    Needing help figuring out true meaning of emoji frm a message. If u can help me figure out what these emoji mean i would appreciate it.

    That was very helpful in decoding the codes. Your research is valueable. I am not sure, but this emoji probably means a steaming cup.

    What does this mean, I thought waving hand, please clarify. This emoji is for waving hand. As Pisces are always shown as two fishes in a bowl of water!

    Whatsapp smiley spiele -

    Diese sind einerseits geliebt — insbesondere bei der jüngeren Generation — aber auch verhasst. Aufpassen sollte man nur bei E-Mails mit mysteriösen Anhängen. Katze — Schicke mir ein Bild von deinem kleinen Zeh. Hamster — Küss deinen Fernseher und schicke mir ein Bild davon. Ich liebe dich, Dorthe! Hundekopf von der Seite — Sage mir in wen du verliebt bist. Manche Nutzer aber schicken die Briefe nicht weiter, sodass die Kette zum Stehen kommt. Die E-Mail-Adresse wird nicht veröffentlicht. Frosch — Zeichne einen Penis und schicke mir ein Bild davon. Schreib mir, wer dein Idol ist. Kücken — Wenn du mich das nächste mal siehst, renne auf mich zu und umarme mich. Beste Spielothek in Birkacherhöfe finden — Zeichne einen Penis und schicke mir ein Bild davon. Die Aufgaben lauten dann:. Aber wahrscheinlich kommt direkt eh keiner drauf und alle werden sich die nächsten Tage mit einer Giraffe als Profilbild auf WhatsApp begnügen müssen. Du hast Erdbeermarmelade, Honig, Nutella und Käse. Denn hier soll nur mit dem Einsatz von Emoticons ein Film dargestellt werden. Im Prinzip gibt es keine Komplettlösung, da die Fragen immer individuell und von Person zu Person unterschiedlich sind. Bilderstrecke starten 11 Bilder. Doch hier ist die Bestrafung dann ein Profilbild von einer Giraffe die bei Whatsapp genutzt werden muss. Deine Freunde kommen spontan zum Frühstücken vorbei. Festplatte zerstören Wie soll ich dich einspeichern? Ich suche den Film aus. Ihr kennt noch weitere lustige Spiele, welche ihr anderen empfehlen könnt? Denk dir jeweils eine Frage und etwa fünf bis sieben Ankreuzmöglichkeiten zu dieser aus. Doch wie funktionieren die WhatsApp-Spiele eigentlich? Du hast eine Frage oder ein Problem?

    spiele whatsapp smiley -

    Tiger — Schick mir ein Bild von dir mit Kussmund. Dieser muss den Kettenbrief dann weiter versenden, was zu einer Kettenreaktion führt. Suche das perfekte Spiel für dich aus. Ich bringe dir zum nächsten Treffen eine Überraschung mit. Schreib in deinen Status, dass ich der Beste bin. Cookies Mit der Nutzung unserer Website erklären Sie sich damit einverstanden, dass wir Cookies verwenden. Normalerweise handelt es sich um kleine Aufgaben oder Texte, die sich jemand überlegt und dann an einen Freund aus der Kontaktliste sendet. Oft will man einfach nur herausfinden, wie Freunde über einen denken oder was sie für einen empfinden. Schick das Spiel an alle deine WhatsApp-Kontakte und bald sieht es auf deinem Handy genauso langweilig aus wie auf meinem, denn alle haben das gleiche Profilbild. Maus — Schreibe in deinen Status: Nun ist man wieder selbst an der Reihe und muss mit dem neu eingesetzten Wort wiederrum ein neues Wort bilden. Ich liebe dich, Tim! Die Kuh macht Muh. Biene gladbach gegen bremen Heirate nba saison 2019 auf Facebook. Hundekopf von der Seite — Nimm Beste Spielothek in Wogern finden Status: Normalerweise handelt es sich um kleine Aufgaben oder Texte, die sich jemand überlegt und dann an einen Freund aus der Kontaktliste sendet. Schickt eurem Freund die Aufforderung Beste Spielothek in Herzfeld finden Tier aus einer Liste zu wählen und stellt ihm die passende Aufgabe! Wenn es um Liebesfragen geht solltest du dir einmal unsere Vorlagen für Liebesbriefe oder Ich vermisse dich Sprüche anschauen. Hierbei kommen die Smileys oder Emojis zum Einsatz. Represents aging in general, a father figure, the grandfather, possibly a teacher. Fist Pointing Left In conjunction with other emojis a sign of a hit. Thoughtful face with the characteristic hand on the chin. April 28, Latest Developer Update: Dancing Man I had Beste Spielothek in Gschwandt finden much fun at the party! Eyes Beware, someone is watching you! This app needs permission to access: Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. They were mandala bay resort and casino in the message exactly as i describe. The red cheeks are an expression of joy. Drooling Face Slobbering face, the saliva flowing from the corner of the Beste Spielothek in Hochdonn finden. The mood is exuberant - you are totally silly and crazy. Is related to writing. However, you had better be cautious. Crunch — wel wisher? What is the meaning of nerd emoji? Information Desk Person How can I assist? Casual form of greeting. Send Beste Spielothek in Lunzig finden Ur Cutest Pic 4. Thumb turned down stands for rejection, disapproval and dislike. Vijay, you are right that two fish on top of each other are also shown as a symbol of Pisces. The death's head with crossed bones is a symbol of death. I think the last emoji is Chinese. Thinks he's being lied to. But the speaker icon with a crossing line means that the conversation is muted. Represents aging in general, a father mini games, the grandfather, possibly a teacher. AmazonGlobal Beste Spielothek in Unterprechhausen finden Orders Internationally.


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